Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Labs

Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Labs

Develop your IoT and AI project with help from Microsoft.

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Thank you for your interest in the Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Lab program. We’re looking for great Microsoft partners to participate and accelerate their IoT and AI product or solution to market.

If you are an industry leading organization developing a product or solution for new IoT and AI scenarios, and primed for large scale deployment and commercialization, then please let us know about your project. If our labs are the right fit for your project then we’d love to invite you to help accelerate your product, solution and business. Complete the following application for consideration.

Considerations before making a submission

Please bear in mind that space is limited in our labs and not all submissions will be accepted. If you are accepted then conditions of using the labs will apply, including but not limited to:

  • Agreeing to the Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Lab terms and conditions
  • Dedicated engineers from your team working on project while in lab
  • You will be responsible for your team’s travel and expenses
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